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Divini-T | Revitalizing Vitamin Mask

SKU: CR34-3215 $23.95

Made of minerals (selenium and copper), fruits (blueberry, orange, lemon), sugars (maple and cane), oils (argan and grapeseed), vitamins (A, E) and shea butter.

Skin Type

All skin types, particularly alipic ones. Superficial and deep dehydration. Reactive and troubled skins. Face.

Main Active Ingredients

    • Canola oil: Antioxidant, nourishing, anti-aging
    • Caprylic Capric Triglycerides: Slows water loss by forming a barrier on the skin surface
    • Titanium dioxide (1%)
    • Citric acid: Rich in AHA, regenerating
    • Bilberry extract: Rich in AHA, regenerating
    • Allantoin: Calming, regenerating, moisturizing, protective. Allantoin softens and smooths keratin, which is a tough inflexible protein found in the epidermis, nails and hair.
    • Shea butter: Nourishing, revitalizing, protective
    • Grape seed extract: Antioxidant, regenerating
    • Argan oil: Rich in Vitamine E, regenerating and antioxidant
    • Sugar cane: Rich in AHA, regenerating
    • Tocopherol acetate (Vitamine E): Antioxidant, regenerating
    • Retinyl palmitate: Vitamine A, normalizes and increases composition of collagen
    • Orange: Rich in AHA, regenerating
    • Lemon: Rich in AHA, regenerating
    • Maple sugar: Rich in AHA, regenerating
    • Chamomile: Soothing, regenerating
    • Rosemary: Soothing, antioxidant
    • Chlorophyllin: Antioxidant, revitalizing, soothing


Revitalizing vitamin mask: Apply a thick even coat on previously washed and exfoliated face and neck. A dampened gauze with ToniqA lotion can be applied on the mask for a skin imbibition effect. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with a gauze previously dampened with ToniqA lotion or water.
Soothing and moisturizing mask: Mix 2/3 of Divini-T with 1/2 of Hydraplus.
Regenerating and moisturizing mask: Mix 2/3 of Divini-T with 1/3 of Jouvencell.
Balancing and moisturizing: Mix 2/3 of Divini-T with 1/3 of Libramat.

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