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AloVive  |  Aloe Vera Gel

AloVive | Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel with a unique twist - totally non-sticky, and enhanced with a very light citrus fragrance. Ideal to soothe the skin after electrolysis and laser treatments. Comes in 6.8oz tube and 34oz pump bottle.
Bump & Blemish

Bump & Blemish

Fight razor bumps plus dark spots corrector. Excellent post-treatment for epilation!
Hydraplus  |  Refreshing Moisturizing Balm-Gel

Hydraplus | Refreshing Moisturizing Balm-Gel

Refreshing moisturizing balm-gel for the face and body. Comes in 1.7oz, 4.2oz, 6.8oz, and 17oz (pump bottle).
Hydra-T  |  Moisturizing Emulsion

Hydra-T | Moisturizing Emulsion


A soothing emulsion for the face that moisturizes the skin and increases its protection against external aggressions.

Hydravive  |  Calming Milk

Hydravive | Calming Milk

Calming face and body milk. Soothes redness, refreshes and softens the skin. Recommended after hair removal and waxing treatments. Comes in 34oz pump bottle or 1-gallon pump jug.
Jouvencell  |  Rejuvenating Complex

Jouvencell | Rejuvenating Complex

Provides firmness, smoothness and moisture, plus revitalises and reduces the aspect of wrinkles.
Quench PT  |  Post-Treatment ORGANIC Balm/Cream

Quench PT | Post-Treatment ORGANIC Balm/Cream

WHEN YOUR SKIN FEELS LIKE IT IS ON FIRE... This post-treatment balm has 12 botanical extracts with proven calming action. No petroleum or animal products, alcohol, PEGs, or parabens. 4oz tube.
$22.50 $19.50
ToniqA - Cool Restoring Lotion

ToniqA - Cool Restoring Lotion

Refreshes, cools and reduces redness of skin.
Yi-Zhibaume  |  Soothing and Purifying Cream Balm

Yi-Zhibaume | Soothing and Purifying Cream Balm

Formulated to overcome acne prone and sensitive skin, giving your skin the extra help it needs to heal after electrolysis treatments. Extremely popular with clients! Over the years the feedback from the field has been overwhelming!

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