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Ballet Gold Probes

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Ballet Gold Needles are stainless steel needles that are coated with a very thin layer of 24-carat, nickel-free gold. The plating is done via an electrolytic plating process where single atoms of gold are deposited onto the surface of the stainless steel needle to create a smooth, evenly-distributed layer.

Benefits of Gold

Gold has many acknowledged medical uses, from acupuncture needles to ear piercing posts, and its benefits are clear in electrolysis. Redness and swelling are reduced and the skin rapidly returns to normal after even the most delicate treatments, particularly red vein and skin tag work.

According to our founder Mary Evangelista: "Ballet gold needles have always been quite popular at the Electrology Institute of New England, and we've been using them since they first came to market. In particular, we've found that the gold plating makes for extremely smooth, fluid insertions. These gold-plated needles are used by many technicians for all modalities, but they ESPECIALLY shine when using galvanic (good conductivity)."

Treatment Recommendation

The 24-carat gold needle responds to the needs of clients who suffer from allergies and sensitive skin and whose skin reacts negatively to standard stainless steel probes.


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