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Ballet Insulated Probes

SKU: BALFI $57.00

Ballet currently has a supply chain issue affecting all Ballet Insulated needles, all sizes. Please call us first to confirm availability (1-800-368-4017). We highly recommend using Ballet Gold needles in the interim, or temporarily switching to the Pro-Tec 2-piece insulated probes. Both are good options.

Superior Insulation

The Ballet insulated needle is coated with a medical-grade insulation less than one micron thick. This special coating, developed for use on dental prosthetics, allows smooth insertions and stands up to the longest treatments. Security from over-treatment is excellent. The sensitive surface layers of the skin are protected and important reductions of discomfort are possible.

Micro-polishing is used to achieve Ballet’s unique, rounded point. Current intensity can be lowered and insertions are smooth, precise and comfortable.

Treatment Recommendations

The insulated needle is suggested for clients with a high sensitivity to electrolysis discomfort.


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