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Xpert | Wrinkles & Redness Serum

SKU: CR34-6108 $20.75

Designed for mature and sensitive skin, Xpert Serum offers a global anti-aging action by revitalizing all aspects of the skin to restore its youthful appearance. Incorporating an exclusive combination of Ameliox (carnosine, milk thistle, tocopherol), Borealine Expert (highly antioxidant Canadian red maple bark), Phytospherix and Enerzea (Canadian organic sweet corn), Fucogel (polysacharride) and hyaluronic acid, it specifically targets the signs of aging and facial redness. It effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and redness, deeply moisturizes, soothes, evens out skin tone and firms facial skin. It is natural (98.6%), paraben-free, vegan and gluten-free. Slightly amber aqueous texture. Natural peach fragrance.

Apply locally or all over the face and neck, morning and night. Rub in until completely absorbed.

Main active ingredients: Ameliox, Borealine Expert, Phytospherix, Enerzea, Fucogel.

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